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Our international experience has included supporting clients in Kosovo, Greece, France, Austria, Haiti, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, UAE, Mexico, Indonesia, and the Philippines, along with many other countries. Global Go has deployed response teams during times of natural disasters, wars, and other emergencies to provide logistical support, construction, housing, transportation, and project management. Thanks to our experienced personnel throughout the world, Global Go has assembled teams of specialized professionals and technicians in short periods of time, able to respond to a variety of contingencies worldwide.

Global Go has responded to needs across Federal Government Agencies and the Armed Services.  We have provided logistics solutions and general contracting services, most recently, as part of the recovery effort from devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean and southeast United States.  As a result, we bring a broad range of capabilities to every project.  Our teams perform all aspects of design-build, turn-key installations, demolition, and groundwork with incomparable skill, efficiency, and professionalism.  We retain highly qualified professionals to manage and perform every project function related to new construction, repair and restoration.  Additionally, we intend to utilize and manage several strategic subcontractors to deliver a world-class solution to the end user.

Global Go is proud to serve the US Armed Services as a Small Business and aims to disperse opportunity throughout local communities where projects are located.  Global Go management and labor will self-perform no less than thirty-nine percent of the work ordered.  Recruitment of skilled laborers and suppliers is focused on the local workforce as possible.  Our ramping up process includes identifying local vendors and establishing work agreements, Global Go orientation, and the submission of requisite documentation including all mandatory reporting outlines in our HSE and QAQC plans.  In the last year, we successfully accomplished the local redistribution of opportunity in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Florida panhandle.  In the USVI, Global Go subcontracted local drivers, manual laborers, and vendors for ocean freight-related services from the local population to the full extent we were permitted.  At the Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, we have led a local crew of over sixty skilled laborers recruited from the locality.

We have performed work as a first-tier subcontractor at Tyndall AFB for KBR and in the United States Virgin Islands for AECOM.  We respond to work tasks immediately upon Notice to Proceed and have our lower-tier subcontractors working on-site within days.

Past Projects

Major Global Events

Wherever world-wide sporting activities or international events are held, Global Go is prepared to provide required services, initiating, implementing, and responding with optimal solutions. Construction, accommodations, staffing, security, and procurement are among our many capabilities. Whether the need is for housing thousands of international guests or for constructing dining and living facilities for security personnel and event participants, Global Go provides the expertise and ability to produce the needed results.

In 2004, Global Go established an office in Athens, Greece, and provided accommodations and logistics services during the Summer Games. With over 5.3 million ticketed spectators, 10,500 athletes and 5,500 team officials, 45,000 volunteers, and countless other workers, housing and logistical needs were enormous. Creating unique approaches to housing needs, Global Go converted schools, warehouses, and parking lots into temporary housing for large numbers of workers, while also providing “bed and breakfast” accommodations for international visitors and tourists. In addition to meeting these housing requirements, Global Go also provided meals, laundromats, and other necessary services.

Since that beginning in 2004, Global Go has repeated its performance at subsequent Summer and Winter Games, including those held in 2006 in Torino, in 2008 in Beijing, in 2010 in Vancouver, and in 2012 in London. At each event we completed contracts similar to those of the Athens Summer Games, providing housing, transportation, dining, and other logistical support, along with consulting services for National Committees. With numbers of participating athletes ranging from 2,500 to over 11,000, with up to 70 million volunteers and 8 million tickets sold at each of these events, housing and other logistical needs have been vast. Global Go provided services for large numbers of both workers and spectators, producing solutions necessary to ensure needs are met in the Greater London area organizing logistical and housing facilities at schools, dormitories, and warehouses for major clients, as well as developing tour packages for individual guests.

Contingency Operations

With extensive experience in government contracts throughout the world, Global Go has the proven ability to excel in such areas as staffing, procurement, construction, security, crisis management, stabilization, and economic development. Whether the need is for procurement of goods for the US military or for rapidly creating jobs and rebuilding infrastructure after a disaster, Global Go possesses the expertise and capability to produce the needed results.

LOGCAP Contract

Global Go has been involved with two iterations of LOGCAP contracts and has oversaw the procurement of $150M in supplies and services. Global Go is accustomed to providing quick responses in a fast-paced environment while ensuring work is performed in a safe, thorough manner and in compliance with all applicable rules, laws, and regulations.

PDFTs Afghanistan

Global Go provided 55 Master Electricians and Journeyman Electricians to several bases in Afghanistan.

US Army Europe

Global Go provided Subcontract Specialists in support of the US Army Europe in its operations in Germany, Kosovo, Romania, and Bulgaria in 2008.

DOS Indonesia

Global Go provided business operations in support of a $180M State Department Anti-terrorism Assistance program in Indonesia in 2007.

Natural Disasters

Global Go provided emergency response in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. As one of the first organizations on the ground, Global Go assisted in the response coordination with the United States Military, United Nations, foreign governments, NGOs, and international organizations. Global Go also created employment opportunities for 12,000 Haitians in desperate need of work.

Real Estate Development

Global Go has real estate interests in various locations across 3 continents. Our diverse portfolio spans residential, retail, and commercial properties. Revitalizing and renovating historic buildings for modern use as homes, apartments, and offices is one of Global Go’s specialities. Our properties include both completed, occupied buildings and those currently under renovation.

Our Latest Project

Global Go’s most recent development purchase is that of the historic, six-story Pythian Temple building. A 22,000-square-foot building in downtown Birmingham, the Pythian Temple building was originally built in the early 1900s to house one of Alabama’s first black-owned banks, the Alabama Penny Savings Bank. Global Go is renovating both the building’s storefront and much of the inside, with the goal of preserving its historic character while transforming it into modern office space.

International Trade

​Having worked in more than 60 countries and on every continent (including Antarctica), Global Go has unparalleled experience. We deal in all types of goods, including food products, household items, and custom orders, to name a few. Whether quantities are small or large, our well-traveled, multi-lingual staff can develop a plan to meet your needs.

​Global Go’s endeavors span all types of products and services. From foodstuffs to textiles, from household items to transport services, our extensive networks and contacts, along with our international expertise, make us the ideal partner for all types of trade. Our experience includes creating start-up companies, importing and exporting a variety of commodities, and developing custom products.

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