Humanitarian Response

Global Go conducts humanitarian missions with detailed execution plans.  We oversee tasks at every stage of a work order from loading and wrapping pallets to unwrapping supplies for aid recipients in devastated places.  Our humanitarian aid initiatives are a nexus point for our primary service offerings in construction, housing, staffing and security, procurement and logistics, international trade and services.

Global Go prizes being the first on the ground to assess and report and the last to pull out with assets. Global Go has successfully accomplished every phase of aid and recovery operations including as

  • support of US Army European Command in Germany, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria
  • support of Department of State Indonesia and Business Operations for Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program
  • PDFTs Afghanistan
  • first response team on ground in Haiti to lay ground for operations by US Military, United Nations, foreign governments, nongovernmental organizations, and international relief organizations

International Affairs

Global Go performs in post-war and post-conflict situations in support of American troops and civilian staff, our allies, and the communities which serve as our bases.  In addition to troop comfort, care, and morale, we provide optimal solutions for the procurement and delivery of mission critical materials, infrastructure, and manpower worldwide.

Whether staffing teams of skill laborers or housing temporary workers and tending to the logistics of meeting their daily needs, Global Go can ramp up initiatives anywhere in the world within 48 hours from Notice to Proceed and execute kick-off orientations within 72.  We can execute transition plans safely and efficiently by phasing into full operational capacity over a period of two to three days.  Orientations on work-site context, task orders, safety and communication protocols are held and tested for all personnel prior to commencement of duties.  In this way, Global Go has achieved an incident-free safety record on all projects.

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