About Global Go

Global Go provides emergency response, disaster recovery, construction, logistics, operations, and maintenance services. During humanitarian crises, natural disasters and other calamities, Global Go mobilizes expert teams to get working on the ground within hours. Working with federal and state government agencies, commercial entities, non-profit organizations, international groups and contractors around the world, we supply personnel, housing, life support, medical treatment, transportation, project management and procurement of goods and services. Our international and domestic expertise working in remote, unstable environments, and our rapid deployments and execution in those areas have enabled us to become a go-to service provider for our clients.

Global Go’s multilingual, multidisciplinary executive leadership is recognized for its creative and flexible business solutions to complex problems. Our success is directly attributable to our prioritizing safety, client satisfaction, and efficient communication and operations.  We thrive in fast-paced, high-intensity situations and are a leading Certified General Contractor working globally.  We work with governments, multi-national companies, and other strategic partners to design the best solutions for our customers.  Understanding that each project presents its own challenges, we integrate our competencies to provide solutions that fit each customer and project. We bring to the table three decades of experience in contingency operations as well as strategic alliances in order to deliver to our clients the best possible results.

Our priorities – safety, security, client-satisfaction – drive the creation of our policies and approach to project management.  Our crews receive onsite safety orientations and comply with all Zero Tolerance policy related to site safety and base security protocols.  One Operations Manager serves as the on-site coordinator of work tasks and labor coordination.  Management of client relations; administrative reporting; and Compliance is handled by home office personnel.

Global Go assembles teams of specialized professionals and technicians in short order, responding to a variety of contingencies worldwide.  Our teams incorporate best practices from multiple disciplines to create and implement an action plans that achieve one goal – the client’s success.

Global Go is HUBZone Certified by the SBA and is a  licensedGeneral Contractor (License #CGC1529280).

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