Government Services

An experienced multinational provider of services and personnel to public, private, and military initiatives, Global Go responds to crises worldwide with solutions to quickly assess need and launch response protocols; stabilize devolving situations; manage response teams and assets; and, secure resources necessary for economic recovery.

Whether responding to humanitarian crises, coordinating resources necessary to international celebrations from behind-the-scenes, or providing integral support services in the construction, operations, and maintenance of strategic resources and management of supplies and personnel, Global Go delivers superior solutions, consistent delivery, and reliable plans.

A small, highly skilled, multilingual, and multidisciplinary managerial staff allow Global Go the flexibility to respond to needs in scale. Teams are recruited according to technical expertise required and project managers work with our clients to establish clear objectives and communication channels. Whether self-performed or leading an international labor force, Global Go privileges safety, accountability, and communication.

Global Go has been a major behind-the-scenes presence at world events and has successfully met travel and tour-related needs for staffs numbering in the thousands in places as diverse at Athens, Torino, Beijing, London, and Vancouver. In addition to establishing and operating our own facilities, we also take over operations for existing vendors and provide private standard and luxury accommodations including interpretation and private tours.

  • Wholesale supplies:  electronics and communications parts procurement, shipping, installation, and maintenance
  • International trade:  import/export, freight forwarding, maintenance and warranty support
  • Travel and tours:  accommodations, transportation, communications, translators and interpreters, official visits, readiness support, damage assessment tours, R&R
  • Skilled professional services:  workforce vetting and contracting, lodging with amenities, human resources administration, expert skilled labor, organized local labor forces in disaster response zones
  • Operations Management:  mobile managers, globally connected offices, global teams, strategic solutions
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