Facilities Support

Global Go provides quality accommodations and logistics services for specialized teams and temporary workforces.  We take care of teams put on the ground to assess damage, organize aid, and coordinate with other teams.  Our multilingual, multidisciplinary, and performance-tested teams provide accommodations, meals, laundry, transportation, dining, logistical support, and consulting services.  We build and equip facilities to be energy efficient, secure, and pleasing to users.  Additionally, we offer complete accommodations packages which include lodging, janitorial, food, postal services, and recreation.

  • Camps:  Construction, Operations and Maintenance
  • Assets: materials, supplies, and infrastructure readiness, loss mitigation
  • Services:  Comprehensive administrative, professional, and technical services
  • Complete supply chain management

The Global Go supply chain extends internationally and includes:  food products, household items, building materials, department store merchandise, electronics, IT equipment and components, textiles, transport vehicles, construction equipment, commodities, and custom products direct from manufacturers.

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